Couchsurfing – Be The Guest In Another County To Save Your Accommodation Cost

I believe that no one is totally a traveler until he has not experienced couchsurfing. For those who do not about couchsurfing, it is a hospitality network where people from all over the world open their doors to accommodate travelers simply because of cultural enrichment without any cost. Upon hearing this definition, many doubts and questions about couchsurfing come to mind such as;


•    Are you going to stay in the house of someone you do not know?
•    Is it safe?
•    Is it really totally free?
•    Does it work for single travels too?

I also had all these questions before having my first experience of couchsurfing. And yes, like everything new, it also generated a little fear in our hearts. Today, more than 4 years after that first experience, we cannot imagine any other way of traveling trusting people. I must say you must have face reading and interactive skills and personality judgment ability. Couchsurfing is definitely a big adventure in life, and it must be done with great care to avoid any hazards.

It is beautiful to wake up every morning knowing you can still trust the unknown, and that is in us to fight so this confidence is not lost. Surely you will be worried until you have your first experience, but consider that it is about having the mutual trust because the host is also risking.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that someone you do not know and you will build so much affection and trust. In couchsurfing, sometimes you may get to sleep in a chair, a sofa or even on the floor and if you are in luck, you may get a private room and even nicer than your own house.


It is better if you can find someone to meet in person who has stayed through couchsurfing. I also advise you to study about the generic behaviors, traits, cultural values and religion of the country where you intend to do couchsurfing. I strongly advise you to avoid discussing about the religion and political matters as people are sensitive about these topics and you might end up at a bitter note.

If you follow all the tips and tricks of couchsurfing and you find a reliable and amiable host, you will surely love this way of accommodation when you are on travel and ultimately you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. For more ideas, I recommend you to visit and enhance your ways of saving money on housing and many other things.



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